Naturefootstep - Monica Johansson

NatureFootstep - Monica Johansson

Location: Sweden

My name is Monica Johansson but have always been NatureFootstep online. I am a Swedish woman working with photography, art and recently started to paint. Working with Photoshop CS5 and acrylic painting.



A few of my PhotoArt and acrylic paintings

Escape “Escape”

A horse escaping from a burnt down cottage

Spirit animal “Spirit animal”

Spirit animal is created with images from my trip to Yellowstone

Spiritual canyon “Spiritual canyon”

this art is created with images from our skateboard park and images from Japan and my home

Leftovers “Leftovers”

Leftovers. mixed media from "Dirty pour" combined with Photoshop artwork

Peacockfeather “Peacockfeather”

Acrylic painting size 50x40cm