Eberhard Marx

Eberhard Marx

Location: Germany

1951 in Dresden

1968 - 1970 marine electrician VEB Warnowwerft Warnemünde

1975 - 1977 Community College Rostock

military service
1970 - 1973 Volksmarine (East German Navy)

artistic training/study
1979 - 1983 circle painting/graphics, house of culture Warnowwerft, mentor Karlheinz Kuhn, Rostock

1981 - 1983 teaching at Alfred Heth, Wismar

1983 - 1986 study at the College of Applied Arts in Heiligendamm, nature study at Prof. Heinz Wodzicka and Prof. Fritz Eisel

1987 - 1993 study at the University of Art and Design Halle, Castle Giebichenstein


Between dream and trauma...

The visions of Eberhard Marx

There‘s a tree growing out of the head – no, the head is part of the tree,
and a castle has also been incorporated into the motif.
Towers, flags, oriels twine around mysterious structures –
shifted into the centre, the artist – gazing into the

Eberhard Marx tells us stories and shares lived fantasies and lays them out in his pictures with the touch of a master.
The past meets the future and is transformed into a train of thought that leads us to truths that are embedded in an often distorted environment.
What is the cat doing on the roof between all those drainpipes? How did that tree get into the car wreck? What or who will be suspended from the rope next to it?
No questions are resolved here, it‘s left up to the viewer to seek out and discover answers.
The artist leads us into a world that appears to only belong to him and that he releases for contemplation to those who understand them and wish to share them with him.
He has genuinely learnt his trade, the drawing and painting techniques have been refined to the extent that is essential for his Fantastical Style of Painting. This enables us to enjoy figurative seeing without distraction.
If we allow ourselves to take a step into the unknown and to create Visionaries and the Fantastic, we will discover, experience and perceive much that is new in the art of Eberhard Marx.

Rosemarie Bassi
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