DINK aka Dom Czepiga, is a self-taught artist, whose technique and style embodies a new wave of mixed media. Having admiration for the typography of the 80s and 90s. Czepiga’s works are inspired by the diverse advertisements throughout the years.

Disregarding the traditional, he pushes the boundaries by juxtaposing words with female imagery through a digital amalgam, that delivers a positive statement through calculated chaos.

Czepiga’s works have swiftly gained notoriety propelling him into prominent art shows both in South Carolina and South Florida. His works have been established in Les Couleurs Gala in Miami and have been published several times in reputable magazines.

As he progresses to cultivate his style, his ingenuity and cleverness of manipulating digital typography with female imagery, help bridge the viewer with his artwork.


Face Mounted Acrylic

These pieces are printed on metallic paper with archival inks and face mounted on acrylic. Ready to hang.

“Toxic Vanity” ““Toxic Vanity””

16”x20” featured in Q3 2017 1340Art Magazine.

Canvas Works

These works are all on canvas. Most are acrylic some are mixed with spray paint.

‘Madonna” “‘Madonna””

48”x48” Acrylic paint 2017

‘Heart of Glass” “‘Heart of Glass””

36”x36” Acrylic paint 2018

“Candice Graffiti” ““Candice Graffiti””

24”x36” Acrylic and Spray Paint. 2016

" Оттенки неона" “" Оттенки неона"”

36”x48” Acrylic paint. 2017