Mariam Qureshi

Mariam Qureshi

Location: Canada

Mariam Qureshi is self-taught visual artist from Canada, who specializes in contemporary abstract expressionism.

Her breathtaking works have been exhibited at the Musée du Louvre (Salon D'art International, Paris 2017) as well as in many other exhibits and galleries around the world from Canada's own Montreal, Edmonton, and Ottawa to Austria, Switzerland and Germany.


Oil paintings

These are my oil paintings, they were painted between the years 2000-2018

They are all based on imagination and painted with palette knifes and oil paint. Some of them are on birch wood panel and most of them are on canvas.

The sizes vary from 10x12 inch to 60x48 inch.
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Ladder we climb - 2018 “Ladder we climb - 2018 ”

24x36 inch oil painting on canvas
Palette knife work

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White Noise Glitch - 2018 “White Noise Glitch - 2018 ”

48x32 inch oil painting on Canvas
Palette knife work

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