Piotr Zygmunt

Piotr Zygmunt

Location: Poland

I was born on 1984 in Katowice, Poland.I create paintings, drawings and graphic art. I'm interested in everything that is connected with the broad term of Art, especially with surrealism, fantasy and visionary art. My favourite techniques are pastel, ink drawing and traditional graphics.I rely on my imagination thanks to which I am myself in what I do.

Graduation Exhibition PLSP Katowice 2004
Post graduation Exhibition Siemianowice ?l?skie 2004
Graduation Exhibition all-Polish Biennial of Graphics Art Szczecin 2004
Hofstallungen/Mumok/Museumsquartier,Walter Koschatzky Kunst-Preis 2011 Vienna

Graduation with honours for the best diploma in graphic art in 2004 PLSP Katowice
Distinction on all-Polish Biennial of Graphics Art Szczecin 2004
Distinction with the Artwork Of The Week title on Various Art Gallery - 10 times
Distinction with the Artwork Of The Day title on Various Art Gallery - 19 times
Distinction with the Artwork Of The Day title on Digart.pl - 2 times
Distinction with the Artwork Of The Day title on Podarty.pl - 13 times
Daily Deviation Award on DeviantArt - 3 times
Featured on ArtLimited - 4 times
Distinction with the Artwork Of The Day Artpub gallery - 3 times
Gallery Director's Award - Infinity Art Gallery
1st Place - Art Showdown Open Theme 2 - A Singular Creation.

My art in Books: IMAGINE THE IMAGINATION - New Visions of Surrealism, 30-DREAM, VISIONARY ART YEARBOOK 2010-2011, Walter Koschatzky Kunst-Preis 2011 Katalog.

Some of my artworks are in private collections.



Pastel 100x70cm 2008


Pastel 100x70cm 2004-2008

Red Tower “Red Tower”

Pastel 100x70cm 2001


Tree of Life “Tree of Life”

Ink 50x35 cm 2011

Flying Towers “Flying Towers”

Ink 37,5x27,5cm 2008

Entrance “Entrance”

Ballpen 29,7x21cm 2004

Levitation “Levitation”

Ballpen 29,7x21cm 2011

White Towers “White Towers”

Ink 29,5x21cm 2008

Forgotten World “Forgotten World”

Ink 56x35,5cm 2002

Cathedral “Cathedral”

Ink 29,5x12cm 2002

Guardians IV “Guardians IV”

Ink 21x20,5cm 2008

Oracle II “Oracle II”

Ink 22x20,5cm 2008

Monolith “Monolith”

Ballpen 23x21cm 2004

S.H.I.Z.M. “S.H.I.Z.M.”

Ballpen 29,7x21cm 2006

Contemplation “Contemplation”

Ink 29,5x21cm 2004

Expanse II “Expanse II”

Ink 16x15,5cm 2002

Monoliths “Monoliths”

Ink 15,5x10,5cm 2011

Bizarre Pageantry “Bizarre Pageantry”

Ballpen 29,7x21cm 2010

Fragile Navigator I “Fragile Navigator I”

Ink 28x44cm 2010/2011 I used here pointillism technique. It took me 2 months to finish this artwork


Linocut, etching

Megaliths “Megaliths”

Linocut 42x30cm 2001 ..one of my first linocut

Abstract Vision “Abstract Vision”

Linocut 50x40cm 1999/2000

Drunken Boat “Drunken Boat”

Linocut 57x40cm 2003/2004

"Glaciers, suns of silver, waves of pearl, skies of red-hot coals!
Hideous wrecks at the bottom of brown gulfs
Where the giant snakes devoured by vermin
Fall from the twisted trees with black odours!"

A.Rimbaud The Drunken Boat

Drunken Boat III “Drunken Boat III”

Linocut 46,5x15cm 2004/2003

"The storm made bliss of my sea-borne awakenings.
Lighter than a cork, I danced on the waves
Which men call eternal rollers of victims,
For ten nights, without once missing the foolish eye of the harbor lights!"

A.Rimbaud The Drunken Boat

Drunken Boat II “Drunken Boat II”

Linocut 43x16cm 2003/2004

"I have seen archipelagos of stars! and islands
Whose delirious skies are open to sailor:
- Do you sleep, are you exiled in those bottomless nights,
Million golden birds, O Life Force of the future? - A.Rimbaud
The Drunken Boat"

The Megalith “The Megalith”

Etching 38,5x21cm 2002