Anna Drag, known by friends as Kinga, therefore came name: Kinganna

I was close to art through all my life.
My parents are artists. I grew up in workshops surrounded by things which were used to prepare all kind of art. My mum was doing oil and acryl paintings and worked as a Window Dresser (or Display Designer) and my dad was creating unique furniture based on his own design.
I loved smell of oil paint. When it came time to choose my own life path I knew what I always wanted to do. So I went to study art. I choose to explore the field of clay and for many years I trained to become a master in this subject.
Then, after I graduated I had a few years break doing other things not-art related as I wanted to be sure what I really wanted to do. And one day I realised that I was made to create art. It was a long journey but was worth all the experience. It helped me to realise who I really am and what are my needs. What I love and what I dislike. I met many great people who helped me find the path I'm on at the moment. And I gave thanks to them here :)

Not long ago something happened in my life. I went through being diagnosed with brain tumour, operation and radiotheraphy. Cancer experience made me realise that life is so short and I have to trasure every moment and live in present. Appreciate things as they are now and do everything to pursue my dreams and do things I always wanted to do now. Not later, because tomorrow might never come!


What I do; past and present projects:

Since about 2016 I have been teaching pottery and running ceramic workshops with all kind of people, and all ages.

- 2017 - illustrations for children's book
- 2016 - illustrations for colouring books for adults,
- 2014 - charity project “Psim Tropem”
- 2014 --- organising ceramic workshops, kiln building - Slow Down Festival, Poland
- 2014 - project mandala-floor mosaic, Cessenon/Berlou, France
- 2010 - Photography exhibition - Homeless Gallery, London, UK
- 2010 - Exhibition and auction - Great Orchestra of Christmas Help, charity festival, London
- 2009 - Cafe 1001 Gallery - stencils, London, UK
- 2009 - Indigo Gallery – stencils, London, UK
- 2005 - Diploma exhibition - ceramics, Design Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
- 2003 – 2005 --- Creation and directing fire theatre Sound Of The Fire, Wroclaw, Poland
- 2000 - International Outdoor Workshop and exhibition in Gongos, Hungary
- 1999 - Individual Exhibition in “Wall - - Gallery 22 – painting and drawing, exhibition, Jaroslaw, Poland
- 1998 - International Outdoor Workshops “Zemplinskie Impresie ocami zeny” and exhibition, Michalovce, Slovakia
- 1989 - First Prize in School Drawing Competition