Jeff Ibbo

jeff ibbo

Location: Denmark

Educated Danish acadaemy of fine arts copenghagen
Joined ca 20 censored exhibitions in Denmark.
Development has gone from complicated colour-
speculations and snirkled lines towards simpler
Forms and plans, and fewer colour-problems.
Four cartoon books and a biography (by Ole Lindbo)
From 1992 steady and sidewise work with ceramics
sculptures with human body as inspiration too.
And since 1982 always draw with both hands




Oil painting is the the main thing.
Studying the nude model,is my duty.
see also

anne mette “anne mette”

anne mette 200x150 cm oil canvas

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oil masonite 90x65 cm

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oil masonite 90x75 cm

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anne mette “anne mette ”

oil masonite 90x65

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chu hae “chu hae ”

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