Gay Emmerson

Gay Emmerson

Location: Australia

Graduated from Canberra School of Art in 1979. Now a landscape artist working on The Australian east coast, specialising in wilderness, seascapes, mountains and rocks.



This was painting was executed when I was working with studies of rain, and the effect of rain and mist on trees and sky.
The painting is acrylic and measures 1 metre square

Escarpment 4 “Escarpment 4”

I have been painting images of the rugged escarpment that separates Australia's eastern coastline from the highland to the west. the escarpment is an ancient wall of rock, with trees and undergrowth scrabbling for purchase and reaching skyward between the boulders.

Escarpment 3 “Escarpment 3”

As in escarpment 4 - a study of the ancient rock wall that separates Australia's east coast from its hinterland

Cloudburst “Cloudburst”

Painted when I was studying the effect of rain and mist on the trees and sky.
acrylic on canvas, one metre square.