Anne Jeffery

I received a BA from UC Berkeley and then went on to study photography at Brooks Institute of Photography. Following my Brooks studies I had the honor of being selected to work as an assistant to Ansel Adams at one of his Yosemite Workshops. Throughout my career and in the years since, I have continued to study and evolve as a photographer and an artist taking numerous workshops and working as one of the directors of the Bellevue Artist Alliance. I have twice been a finalist in the Julia M. Cameron Award for Women Photographers having my work exhibited at Berlin Foto Biennale and at FotoNostrom in Barcelona, Spain.



These are multi layered digital images created from multiple original photographs. Each image has 60 to 80 individual layers.

Winsome “Winsome”

Enter a mystical world in this mult-layered image.

Blooming “Blooming”

A hummingbird anchors this multi-layered montage.