Location: France

The wealth of paradox.
Creators by definition, defy conventions and venture beyond established borders. Which is why classifying artists is never quite straightforward.
Richard Dubure, however, blurs boundaries in more ways than one : his horizons are luminous but where exactly the earth meets the sky is never clear. Vertical visions spew forth from predominantly horizontal sceneries. Parts, lagoons, villages and battlefields are never quite what they seem. His work has been called abstract expressionism but it's not quite that either. His paintings are mysterious and paradoxical - after all,isn't the paradox what makes it work ? They are linkend to the concomittance of the sail on the canvas, and a light that seems to come from within. Doing that is no doubt unspeakably gruelling. Dubure creates the bulk of his painting with a knife and finishes with a brush, but serenity and precision are perhaps the main ingredients.
He was born in Paris in 1952 and lives in Haute-Corr├Ęze where the Massif Central ends. He has someone to take after : his father Gilbert was also a painter. Richard watched and learned before moving on and honing his own character and style. He has been exhibiting around France and other European cities since 1977,
and has won a number of awards. Artcour, a gallery in Paris, has bee exhibiting lis painting on a permanent basis for several years now.
This mysterious painter's work is appealing because it is set in a land of uncertainty so near yet so far.


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