Youri Alexander Chasov

Born 18.3,951,Tallinn,Estonia.Winner of 41 awards competitions in USA,Russia,France,Italy,Estonia.Participated with more than 470 exhibition in the USA & Europe.Drew more 4700 pictures... The Artworks are in 18 countries of the world.


Youri Chaso Fine Art

"5.2.20" Youri Chasov-Special Merit Category,The 11th"Abstracts" Art Competition,LST,Palm Springs,USA

5.2.20 Youri Chasov “5.2.20 Youri Chasov”

5.2.20,2020,Youri Chasov digital painting on paper,28x36 sm.

12.3. “12.3.”

"12.3",2019 Youri Chasov-Special Recoguition Artists,12th "Absracts"-March 2021 Art Exhibition,LST.Palm Springs,USA.

Picasso-8 “Picasso-8”

Picasso-8,2020,Youri Chasov,digital painting on paper,27,5 x 27,5 cm.

S.Dali-1 “S.Dali-1”

S.Dali-1,2019,Youri Chasov,digital painting on paper,30 x 36 cm.

Monroe-1 “Monroe-1”

Monroe-1,2014,Youri Chasov,digital painting on paper,30 x 32 cm.

NaFeBo “NaFeBo”

NaFeBo,2015,Youri Chasov,digital painting on paper,36 x 33 cm.