Don Mirakl

Ondra Mikl (born January 16, 1988 in Brno) is a Czech secondary school teacher, artist, graphic artist and musician.

After primary school in Bzenec and education at Business Academy (Information Technology in Economics) in Veselí nad Moravou he graduated from Teacher Training College Masaryk University, Brno in General Theory and History of Art and Culture.
In visual art, he engages mainly in experimental methods, automatic drawing, action painting and digital art. The main topic of his work is portraits and a series of mystic visions titled Child of Eternity, The Blue Period and The Bubblegum Period. He is represented in public collections, e.g. European Art Museum, Gallery Gal, Frederiksværk, Denmark; Osten Museum of Drawing, Skopje, North Macedonia; Louka Monastery and Picture Gallery, Znojmo, and private collections in the Czech Republic and Europe. He has had solo exhibitions in the Czech Republic (Brno, Veselí nad Moravou) and several collective exhibitions (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, North Macedonia, Ukraine, USA). He is the author of 200 graphic art works and portraits. Ten of his portraits were published in the book 36 Artists To Follow. Besides fine art he also works with music. He composed music for the projects Uchožrout (Eareater) and Lunapark.
At a theoretical level he occupies himself with art history, philosophy, psychology and anthropology. He teaches art and IT at a grammar school in the town of Strážnice. He lives and works in the towns Bzenec and Uherské Hradiště.

Personal exhibition:
21.4. – 10.6.2016 Zákristie, Veselí nad Moravou (Czech Republic)
15.1. – 28.2.2018 Skleněná louka, Brno (Czech Republic)

Group exhibition:
18.9. – 4.10.2015 Zámek Bzenec, Bzenecký výtvarný pozdim, XI. ročník (Czech Republic)
1.8. – 31.8.2017 VH Art Gallery, Exposition IN AIR on taxibicycles in the city of Nice (France)
ART FAIR (Italy)
13.4. – 5.5.2018 Kunsthaus Weiz, Kunst Messe Dolomiten (Austria)
11.5. – 23.5.2018 Galleria Web Art, Treviso (Italy)
28.8. – 11.9.2018 Woman exhibition in Venice and Treviso (Italy)
ART FAIR (Italy)
20.6. – 31.12.2019 M.A.D.S. Milano, Contemporary art gallery (Italy)
31.8. – 15.9.2019 The art and the time, Accorsi gallery, Venice (Italy)
10.10. – 13.10.2019 Art San Diego, Contemporary Art Show, San Diego (USA)
5.12. – 7.12.2019 We Contemporary Art Show, TOPIC SALON, in collaboration with BRNO Art Consulting, Praha (Česká republika)
20.12.2019 MUSA International Art Space, OFFICIAL PRESENTATION & VIDEO EXHIBITION IN KIEV, Spivakovska Art Ego Culture center, Kiev (Ukrajina)
2020 The PREVIEW exhibition OSTEN4ART at the OSTEN Gallery, Skopje, (N. Macedonia)
29.6. – 5.7.2021 Expo Metro, (Monako)
28.8.2021 Bzenecký zámek žije, Areál bzeneckého zámku (Czech Republic)
17.9. – 19.9.2021 Bzenecké krojované vinobraní, Areál bzeneckého zámku (Czech Republic)

Public Collections:
• European Art Museum, Frederiksværk: GAL, 2016 (Denmark)
• OSTEN Museum of drawing, Skopje, 2018 (N. Macedonia)
• Loucký klášter, obrazová galerie, Znojmo, 2019 (Czech Republic)

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• Ambassador for EAM, European Art Museum, Denmark, 2016
• L'Accademia Petrarca di Lettere Arti e Scienze di Arezzo, CENTRO INTERUNIVERSITARIO “COLLI MONTINARI” DI STUDI SU FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE E LA CULTURA EUROPEA, XIII Edizione del Seminario Permanente Nietzscheano, AREZZO 19 – 21 DICEMBRE 2016, NIETZSCHE E L’EDUCAZIONE (program)
• CFA Artist of the Year Award: Finalist Certificate, CIRCLE FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS, 2018/19
• CFA Exhibit in San Diego, Contest Finalist Certificate, CIRCLE FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS, May 2019
• The 32nd International Artavita Online Art Contest, CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE, June 2019
• Participation Certificate, 4rth Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine Contest, September, 2019
• Certificate of Participation, For Artwork Exhibited at San Diego Art Fair, San Diego, California, Whitin The World Wide Art and Artavita Pavilion, October 2019
• Palm Art Award 2019, Recognition Prize
• The 35th Artavita Online Art Contest, CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE, January 2020



Traditional Art

Gustav Klimt “Gustav Klimt”

Gustav Klimt (Acrylic and tempera on canvas 42 cm x 32,18 cm)

Paul Gauguin “Paul Gauguin”

Paul Gauguin (Acrylic on paper 59,4 cm x 42 cm)

Digital Art

Tom Waits “Tom Waits”

Tom Waits (42 cm x 29,85 cm)

Friedrich Nietzsche “Friedrich Nietzsche”

Friedrich Nietzsche (42 cm x 36,21 cm)

Syd Barrett “Syd Barrett”

Syd Barrett (42 cm x 31,31 cm)