Annette Haeberling

I have studied visual arts, new medias and history-theory of art in the art school of Geneva in Swizerland and graduated in 2006. I live and work in Amsterdam since 2009.
If creating is reflecting, what does being an artist mean today? I would say observing the transformation constantly happening in our society and transposing it in an artistic language with the intention of leaving a trace behind, a testimony of our time.
I like to work with video and use it in installations with the idea of creating moving paintings but I work mostly with paint, using dry pigments, acrylic emulsion and collages. Using my own paint, I work with layers and experience time like flayed skins that leave scars and signs of passing time. My paintings are always abstract and can been seen like an encrypted emotional content. The interpretation may reveal stories of a time long gone, like myths that have always talked to men, it doesn’t come from what it is but from what it feels. If I have to talk about the content of my work, I like to introduce it as a prerequisite for personal consciousness as well as a shelter for contemplation. I am looking for the boundaries of aesthetic qualities by creating a world of fantasy taking shape through vibrant colors and subtle transparencies. A different world, in which some will drift closer to see divine aspects while others might transit through. To create a feeling that is barely describable of the past arising as myth comes alive and explains the incomprehensible.


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