Barbara Süßmeier

Barbara Süßmeier

Location: Germany

Barbara Süßmeier, born in 1963, grew up and is still living in Munich / Germany.

Even before she could write or read, paint and brush were her favorite toys.Through her parents' house she will soon come into contact with many artists. Most notably the visit to the studio of painter Sis Koch was very influential.

Although the desire to make painting a profession became stronger,
Barbara Süßmeier decided to first learn a "solid" bread and butter profession.
With the birth of the 3 sons, Barbaras focus initially remains on her family.

The love of painting remained.

Today, Barbara Süßmeier is a respected artist with her own studio and regular exhibitions at home and abroad.

"Painting is an elementary need for me"
"Painting is my very personal way of dealing with and expressing my emotions.“

Barbara Süßmeier prefers to work on large-format canvases, preferably with oil paints.
In the foreground of her painting is currently the relationship between the inner emotionsand the associated physical expression.


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