Caroline Josephs Ph. D.

Caroline Josephs Ph. D.

Location: Australia

Full-time artist, researcher, writer -- working with inter- and cross-cultural ideas, landscape, portraits, abstracts. Recent solo exhibitions in Umbria, Italy, in Sydney, Australia (2018), as well as showing in New York, artist in residence upstate NY.


Mythic Ancestral Creatures Underwater

I swim in an ocean pool in Sydney, every day of the year...
I also work with an Indigenous Elder who tells stories of ocean
creatures. Many cultures have such ancestral mythic beings ...
As I swim, I can imagine them with me ...Sometimes they are!
Swimming is a meditation. Meditation takes us to other zones ...
Our ancestors came from the sea ... We know this ...
I love to paint works that depict the 'between' worlds of
the liminal...the place of all possibility.