Alexander Mak

Alexander Mak - (

Born and raised in Ukraine. Many years ago I have come to conclusion that my efforts should be concentrated at fine arts. Graduated from the Ukrainian State University, The School of the Art Department. Thanks to my persistence and the public acknowledgement I became a professional artist, painter and successful graphic designer. My best inspirers are Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Muha. In the middle of ninetieth I was forced to leave my country and move to Atlanta, GA. Now I am involved in the implementation of a large and ambitious project to create a gallery of portraits of famous personalities who no doubt enriched modern civilization. My goal is to depict philosophers and thinkers, scientists and discoverers, writers and composers. My painting is far from academicism and rather ornamental-decorative fine art in nature.
The painting portion as usual combines a mix of acrylics, gesso, and pen. Directly for portraits, I use an extra layer of canvas with a larger structure. It gives me more expression and drama. My project is at the very beginning of its development.

I titled this gallery "LUMINARIES".