Carole Doucet

Carole Doucet

Location: Canada

Imprinted with light, Carole Doucet's art creations reveal hints of a structured mind. Bearing an inspiring message, each artwork is coupled with a proverb, a psalm or a quote which attests of a spiritual journey! A backdrop guiding her towards the exploration of mixed techniques integrating texture, engraving and precious metals while flowing from abstraction to figurative frontiers. She is creatively integrating sculptures on her paintings, making them reach out to the observer and art lover.

Inspired by music, especially jazz, some of Carole’s paintings express gratitude in the form of tributes to artists such as Oliver Jones, Lorraine Desmarais and Oscar Peterson and Félix Leclerc, all great musicians.

Her art, a vibrant tribute to the Creator, marvellously embodies the parable of the talents He invites us to develop. Her journey is highlighted with significant meetings with mentors who helped her to polish her art: Albric Soly (oil), Michel Dupont, an engraving master renowned for his works on paper, and Luc Pilon, a sculptor who enabled her to access the power of her intuition.

Recipient of several awards in Canada and internationally, Carole performs arts since her childhood. In addition to conducting a professional artist career, Carole is a published author and a business coach. Born in Quebec, she has lived in France, studied in Quebec, France and Switzerland, and is currently living in the Montreal area in Canada where she has established her studio.



Mix Media on wood using various metals so as to bring light and textures to life.

What a Wonderful World “What a Wonderful World”

Hommage à Louis Armstrong

Prix du public 2014 sur 500 oeuvres exposées

Inspirée d'un psaume de David: « Je serai par ta grâce dans l’allégresse et dans la joie »

Pleasures “Pleasures”

Mix Media with gold, copper, silver and bronze

« Il n’y a rien de mieux pour les humains que d’éprouver du plaisir, de vivre dans le bien-être et de jouir des résultats de leur travail. » Salomon

A Turtle's Dream “A Turtle's Dream”

Tribute to Abbey Lincoln

Bronze Medal CAPSQ

Inspired by a Psalm of David: “Keep me safe, for in you I take refuge”