Nikolay Dmitrenko

Nikolay Dmitrenko


January, 1984

State Art High School (1995-2002)
National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (2002-2008)
State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin, St.Petersburg (2008-2013)
Studied informally with Dmitrenko family over many years.

Union of Artists (from 2013)
Solo Exhibitions:
State Museum-Institute of the Roerich family, St.Petersburg, 2018

“Artist’s Day” 2003
“Autumn art” 2004
The sixth biennial of watercolors 2006
Triennale “Painting 2007”
“From Tripolye to the Present” 2008
“Friends” 2009
“Summer” 2010
“Summer” 2012
“The Source of Creativity” in the museum of Li Kezhan, Beijing, China, 2017

Selected Awards:
Diploma for the best work of the contest “We communicate, we live together, we live” on behalf of the Council of Europe. 1996
Winner of the “Olympic Sports and Art” competition held by the International Olympic Committee. 2007
Diploma “The best work of the Union of Artists” 2014
Medal of St. Innocent 2015
Appreciation Letter. State Museum of the Roerich family. 2018

Reviews and Articles:
“Artist’s Day” Catalog. 2004
“The sixth biennial of watercolors” Catalog. 2006
Triennale “Painting 2007” Catalog. 2007
“Divine Temple. The Modern Sacred Icon, Mosaic, Mural-painting, Fresco, Restoration” by E.Petelina 2011
“Divine Temple. Contemporary Christian Icon, Mozaics, Mural-paintings, Frescoes, Restoration” by E.Harina. 2014
“The light is unquenchable” by Anna Savkina. Catalog. 2015
“Collection of works of art” by Alan Yu. Catalog. Beijing. 2018



Contemporary painting by Dmitrenko Nikolay

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Empty stadiums and complete indifference of millions of young people to their spiritual and physical health.
The desire for wealth, which is not earned by their labor, knowledge, talent - just for unrestrained enrichment.
The impact of modern technologies and the Internet on the people’s nefarious feelings and the suppression of mind, honor, nobility.