Schaback Ralf

What would a work of art be without viewers?
Art provokes strong feelings and stimulates thought processes.
A work of art can meet with approval or rejection.
It can awaken longing, melancholy, joy, horror, fear, sadness or simply a sense of beauty.
How art affects the individual cannot be explained.
There are no rules for this.
Excerpt from:

RALF SCHABACK Creative artist

My life has always been characterized by creativity.
I draw this creative energy from walks in nature.

Artistic education:
I learnt my artistic skills mainly autodidactically as well as with well-known artists at home and abroad.

Picture content:
My motives move mostly on the abstract-surrealistic level.
Thereby I let realistically drawn motives flow into each other and try to give things new connections.

I work with different painting media such as encaustic(beeswax), oil, pastel chalk, gouache, acrylic and glazed colours.
Sometimes I also combine different painting materials in the same picture, such as acrylic, pastel and oil colours.


Abstract Images

Octopus “Octopus”

Pastell & Acrylic mixed technique on wood, cm 120 x 60 (4 pieces)

Brainstorming “Brainstorming”

Oil technique on canvas, cm 80 x 80

Surrealistic images

Shell “Shell”

Oil technique on canvas, cm 70 x 140

Together “Together”

Oil technique on canvas, cm 100 x 80

Perspective “Perspective”

Oil, Acrylic mixed technique on canvas, cm 60 x 80

Alien “Alien”

Oil technique on canvas, cm 100 x 100