A Andreas Wemmje

A Andreas Wemmje

Location: Germany

Andreas Wemmje is a contemporary german artist, who produced in acrylic and oil abstract and very colorful images.
You can buy his works worldwide as high-quality print up to size of 3 meters on canvas, Alu di-bond and so on, in MILLION VARIATIONS.
Please visit: http://www.wemmje.de

You can buy more than 300 paintings from A. Wemmje here:
Europe: http://www.fineartprint.de/bilder-suche/wemmje
United States: http://www.fineartamerica.com/art/all/wemmje/all


mixed media

from acrylic to oils...

Esprit 2012 “Esprit 2012”

abstract work from Andreas Wemmje, oil on canvas