Tony Rubino

Tony Rubino's art is featured in museums in the USA, Italy and Greece and has been shown in galleries in Manhattan, Milan, Paris, LA, Washington DC, Nashville, Arizona and Chicago. His 12 books can be found wherever books are sold and his comic strip is in 250 newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.

Tony’s line of fashion and accessories are sold in stores and catalogs worldwide including Bloomingdales and Lord And Taylor. His designs, comics and words can also be found on greeting cards and other product lines such as calendars, notebooks, and apparel.

Rubino is the creator of the Internationally Syndicated Comic Strip, “Daddy's Home” which appears in more than 250 newspapers and websites and is seen by 26 million people every day. “Daddy’s Home” is a fresh and funny look at the contemporary trials and tribulations of a growing segment of the modern family dynamic -- the stay at home dad.

Among other titles, Tony is the author of, “You Can’t Scare Him He’s A Parent,” a collection of his comic strip “Daddy’s Home.” “Why Didn’t I Think Of That? 101 Inventions That Changed The World By Hardly Trying,” also released in Italy and Australia with different titles. “Life Lessons from Your Dog," “Life Lessons from Your Cat,” “Life Lessons from Elvis (the English version was translated and released in Finland),” “Life Lessons from the Bradys,” and “Life Lessons from Melrose Place.” Before that he displayed his steely work ethic by penning, “1001 Reasons to Procrastinate.” His fear of being inconvenienced by eternal damnation is reflected in his, “Get Into Heaven: Or Your Money Back.”

His most recent book “The High Points of Sobriety,” was released early this year.

Along the way Tony has contributed his articles and cartoons to publications such as: Will Ferrell’s “Funny Or Die,” MAD Magazine, Cracked, National Lampoon, and the Chicago Tribune.

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