M Lenahan

My eyes see the image, my mind plays with the image and my passion puts the image on to the canvas, for me art is Visual Conversation, the whole idea of my artwork is to say and express things in a visual way.
I don’t always have an idea in mind when I first start work on a painting, It’s more like a journey that I am about to embark on.
I’m not sure of where I am going or how I will get there and what obstacles I may come across while I am on that journey, that’s the challenge for me as an artist.
As an artist, I am inspired by many things in life, like landscapes, the inner cities, the homeless and the addicted, the loss, the joy, the pain, the noise of the day, the silence of the night. Even the negative things that I have encounter as a child and adult, the feelings, the emotions and my life experiences inspire me to create the work that I do.
I would like people to take whatever experiences from it they choose, the good and the bad…
I use oil,acrylic and all kinds of paints and volcanic rocks to build up my paintings, i work on all different size canvases but mostly i love using large canvases 2mt x 3mt and biger.



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The masks that we all wear “The masks that we all wear ”

Acrylic on canvas
This represents the masks that we put on at different times to hide who we truly are...

Serene rainfall “Serene rainfall ”

Acrylic on canvas

Journey through the train window “Journey through the train window ”

1mt x 3mt acrylic on canvas
My thoughts and feelings on a long train journey

The junkies last hit “The junkies last hit ”

2mt x 3mt acrylic on canvas
This represents the lonelyness of drug addiction, which affects us all in one or another, it could be your son, your brother, your father, your mother, your sister and your friends...