Zabinski Marius

Zabinski Marius

Location: Belgium

Born 1956 -finished study ACADEMY FINE ARTS in 1981_ Working and live in Brussels --BELGIUM
I am very impatient by nature and like to see results right away. However when it comes to work, I have lots of patience and details are extremely important to me. So to combine those two characteristics I love to come up with techniques that give me expected effects, but the creative process is instantaneous. As a result, many people (and here I mean professionals — painters and professors) are completely unable to estimate the amount of time I spend on a painting. Well, I cannot really say I spend tedious hours finishing every detail. And this is when we arrive at the “magic” part — spontaneous creating process, trance — instantly using elements that look very labor intensive. My paintings are done very quickly. Actually painting on canvas happens to be the final stage of creating what already exists in my head. For example, I like to start a concept of a painting while, let’s say, having a swim in a pool or walk in a park. Back in the shop I stand in front of my easel to transfer the image that was created in my mind while in the pool. This is when small corrections of the concept take place, always minimal.
Summing up your question — it is passion for me as well as adventure and profession – maybe with a little bit of addiction mixed in. The painting process itself brings me the most satisfaction though.