Elisabetta De Maria

Elisabetta De Maria

Location: Italy

Elisabetta De Maria was born in Genoa and lived in Bardonecchia, in the Piedmontese Alps. Sin
as a child she cultivated a passion for drawing and painting, so much so that she won the
contest titled “A flower in your mouth” sponsored by the branded toothpaste
Growing up, the music absorbed his soul, getting the better of painting so much
become his main activity, he graduated in piano in just 5 years with honors (10/10) al
Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Turin.
She has been teaching piano for 35 years now, but, over the years, she begins to attend courses with Italian and American painting teachers that lead her to deepen new techniques discovering a true and profound passion for decorative and country painting.
Then the dispassionate love, discovered as a shock, for portraits with pastels, a dowry
which turns into an incredible production of hyper-realistic works, which he exhibits in several
Pastels are the most immediate and natural choice for the artist, engaged in a personal one
pursuit of perfection, which he chases by faithfully reproducing (in an impressive way!)
every single detail of photos and images.
Hyperrealism as a tool, therefore, for a meticulous representation of reality,
constant, a challenge that allows you to test yourself, but not only! If it is true that works
include portraits, it is also true that Elizabeth chases and seals her boundless love
for animals in their representation: dogs, cats, but also exotic animals, taken from
frames or images found by chance on the net from which she is, in a single instant, electrocuted.
Precisely for this reason among the main subjects of the works we find the animals, with the
in order to raise awareness on the issues of abandonment and extinction.
On May 16, 2019 at the Wichita Convention in the United States, she was awarded the Board of Directors:
Certified Decorative Artist and is the only Italian artist to have obtained the title, she is part
of the American magazines Pixelated Palette, Painting Ezine, Painting World Magazine, Colored Pencil Magazine and of
Canadian magazine from Quebec, Coup de Pinceau.
Her projects have been included in Sharon Chinn’s Sweet Patoodies Club and since 2016
are published monthly with great satisfaction. He also teaches painting in several
countries around the world, not just in Europe.
All the projects are sold in the most important American online portals: Decorative Painting
Store, CD Wood Cupboard Distributing. It is also part of the Helping Artist Program ”
of the American color company Decoart and is a “Brand Specialist” of the American company of
Dynasty brushes. His works are also exhibited at Expo Design in Milan.



Pastel Portrait on Pastelmat Paper cm 30x40

Haki “Haki”

Pastel Portrait on Pastelmat Paper cm 40x50

Samantina “Samantina”

Pastel Portrait on Pastelmat Paper cm 30x40

My Love “My Love”

Pastel Portrait on Pastelmat Paper cm 32x24

Don't Cry Baby “Don't Cry Baby”

Pastel Portrait on Pastelmat Paper cm 50x70

Sara “Sara”

Pastel Portrait on Pastelmat Paper cm 40x60