Allisdhair Mcnaull

Allisdhair's photographic technique involves long, hand-held exposures, letting the movement of the subject of the camera and the subject "paint" themselves on the image. Using this method photographs are created which appear more like paintings with colour and light blending together creating ethereal landscapes and revealing new dimensions of the subject. He is self-taught and is a member of Cheshire Artists Network, Contemporary NorthWest, a group of like minded photographers in the northwest of England and the Royal Photographic Society. Allisdhair is inspired by Ansel Adams, Peter Lik, Gerhard Richter, Jean Cocteau, the poetry of W.B. Yeats and Dylan Thomas amongst others.
Allisdhair also write poetry which accompanies some of the images.

Limited edition fine art photographic prints are available at my website



Photographs taken with long hand held exposures to reveal an impression of the subject, creating more of a painting rather than a photograph. Some have been subtly tweaked with iPhoto, but the effects are largely created in camera at time of exposure.

Weeping Twilight “Weeping Twilight”

An overcast autumnal day, suddenly the sun appeared through a gap in the clouds revealing an ethereal image.

Ghosts “Ghosts”

A study in blue, a peaceful image which draws you in to reveal more detail than is seen at first.

The Gathering “The Gathering”

As the sun set behind trees, I felt that there was a presence to be captured. I was amazed at the results when I looked at the result. A group of druidical figures gather around a bonfire in a mystical forest as spirits and ghosts emerge from the flames and smoke.

Impressions Left “Impressions Left”

On a summer's day in the Corsican town of Bonofacio the mediterranean sun reached down into the old narrow streets. Tourists in bright clothing, moving slowly in the heat provided the colour in this photograph, camera movement create the effect of a water colour painting.

Distant Realms “Distant Realms”

Distant Realms Not Far Away

Our senses perceive the world
In which our thoughts believe
Each one of us living
Our own version of reality.

Our thoughts drive us to strive
For what we think we need
We blindly follow our senses
To our goal, then start to strive anew.

Our thoughts’ desires
Can never be fulfilled.
We endless run from pleasure to pain
Oblivious of the moment we are in.

Unaware of so much of our lives
We constantly miss the point
Leaving us with an empty ache
A void within where questions begin

Then from distant realms not far away
Images filter through
Experienced beyond our understanding
And challenging our point of view.

The Light That Swirls

Abstract art created by manipulation of photographs

Dark Diffraction “Dark Diffraction”

This was one of the 50 works selected for the shortlist from 1038 entries in the 21st online competition.