Kent Gordon

Kent Gordon creates. How and what has changed over the years, just as it should! Kent, from time to time thinks “I can do that”, and indeed, he can do that…(he just puts his spin on it). Creating since High School, initially using left-over paint from painting cars, he continues to paint. He no longer uses 4 by 8 ft sheets of plexiglass, but board and canvas. Usually 30 by 40 inches more. He says that rendering a favorite scene or object is as much fun as letting paint and texture drive the process, but I understand he is a bit undecided on that one! He may take a break from painting to gear-up for something new, but he’s always taking photographs.

A photograph presents to the viewer a location/view that they missed, either because they weren’t there, or if they were they just didn’t see it.

A painting interprets a scene and adds to it, or it may create something that did not previously exist.


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