Zlata Rabinovich

Zlata Rabinovich is not a native to California but has taken much of her painting inspiration and style from California's rich, vast landscapes and scenery. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1970 Zlata comes from a family that values education above all else, and therefore has placed much of her early efforts into her study's, graduating from Israel's prestigious Technion University with a BS in Applied Mathematics and an MS in Economics. Upon accomplishing her educational goals Zlata turned her attention to oil painting in her free time, granted her early attempts were comical, and if asked she can still recount several anecdotes about her early painting attempts. Zlata and her family happily resettled once more for her husband’s work opportunities, this time in sunny California. Here, Zlata began taking courses through her Mission College, Community Center Adult Education, and online classes, learning from knowledgeable and talented instructors that helped hone Zlata's skills. Today Zlata draws inspiration from her unique view of her surroundings, her past travels and experiences.


Magic around us

Close your eyes and imagine what’s really going on around you... See the Magic in ordinary things.

Spirit “Spirit ”

Magical stairway leads somewhere to the sky where the Spirit lives

Sacrifice “Sacrifice ”

The dark underwater creature is taking away his prize

Garden of Eden “Garden of Eden ”

How it was before us

Hideaway “Hideaway ”

The place where all of us feel magic in the air

Serenity “Serenity ”

The dreamy place where My imagination takes me when I close my eyes

Somewhere up there “Somewhere up there ”

Look in the sky. For an hour and more... What do you see?