Dan Brad

Dan Brad

Location: Romania

INFO visual artist Dan Brad


“ Working in his native Transylvanian region of Romania, painter Dan Brad explores colorful and dynamic Abstract expressionism. Occasionally, one of his paintings features a nearly figurative form, while the rest of the image booms with bright hues, energetic movements and strong forms. These abstractions are Brad's focus, as he crafts energy, flow and direction with a build-up of swooping shapes, lines and shades. Playing with this changing, shifting imagery, Brad gives his works titles that reflect their shapes but do not confine meaning.

His abstractions, despite their eclecticism, always organize themselves around shelters, structures and architectural shapes. In so doing, Brad invites us to engage the forms by interpreting and redefining them. Stylized roofs, caves, windows and doorways punctuate his fluid landscapes, but do not confine the viewer. With these spaces and refuges, Brad invites viewers into the works; he carves a space within his art from which we may look back out. Finally, he explores our sense of interiority by portraying his own. ”

Agora Gallery, New York, USA
Press Release (2008)

“ I feel an unspeakable joy seeing a new generation, of artists of real profundity, rising and growing, whose works bring great satisfaction. The Abstract expressionism is difficult to taste for a large part of the public. What I appreciate in his works is the natural way to allow the viewer (experienced and inexperienced) introducing himself, unnoticeable, into a special world, without constraining him to accept the Realism of Conception – he accepts it in a natural way, understanding and perceiving artist’s intentions and I may say his artistic confidences. This is a great achievement! “

Erdos Iudita - Art Critic
Satu Mare, Romania (2010)

“ We enjoyed viewing your artwork. Your vision is strong and original. “

Isabelle Cozart - Gallery Director
Lanning Gallery, Arizona, USA (2007)

“ Your art work is outstanding. So relaxing for me. And, I love your concept to bring Divine Love to the viewer – Brilliant. Really. “

Susan Paris - Teacher
Connecticut, USA (2010)