Aamir Khatri

aamir khatri

Location: India

Aamir Khatri:
(born 1967, Karachi, Pakistan)

Art Aamir Khatri - When amalgamation of thoughts and dreams lead one to spread creativity that is captivating enough to make the beholding eye ponder over the mysteries the canvas seldom reveals, one cannot help but admire Aamir Khatri's bold, beautiful and impactinvg brush strokes while observing the artwork extraoridinare!

Inspired by Picasso, Khatri experiments with portraiture, impressionism, landscaping thereby keeping himself closely aligned with wildlife, woeful women, nature and calligraphy. His message is to spread peace and harmony through his artwork.

Khatri loves painting horses as the inspirational beast to him is considered as an emblem of peace. He is a keen observer of human sentiments and uses this talent profusely in his artwork. He wants people to know him as an ambassador for peace and humanity.



NO WHERE PEACE IS SEEN IN THIS WORLD, SOME COUNTRIES ARE FIGHTING FOR POWER SOME FOR RULING THE WORLD SOME COUNTRIES ARE WORKING FOR THEIR BAD CAUSES BECAUSE THEY KNOW NO BODY CAN GIVE THEM PROTECTION....THE WORLD IS VERY CRUEL AND WE ARE LIVING IN A DEAD LIVES WORLD. WE ALL KNOW THIS TRUTH.......GOOD THOUGHTS OF GOOD PEOPLE MAY CHANGE FORTUNE, BUT FIRST WE NEED GOOD PEOPLE, THEN WE CAN DECIDE HOW CAN WE MAKE A CHANGE? SO I WILL TRY TO GIVE MESSAGE OF PEACE AND LOVE THROUGH MY ARTWORKS..... Todays humans "SELF" is seen very rare. We should condemn the negative human attitudes and should forget brutality and accept the reality of equal human rights. There is no difference between two humans, make your belief strong in God, we should feel the presence of God, till we do not find the God we never grow our self and do not grow our belief in his justice….. Dr Muhammad Iqbal (Allama Iqbal) says,“Love is the foundation of life, Love is the flashing sword of death.The hardest rocks are shivered by love’s glance.” We have to grow Allama Iqbal's "KHUDI" in our dead lives.....Iqbal’s Philosophy of Khudi teaches man to develop his own qualities, his own personality, his good qualities, in such a way that step by step he will come closer to the greatest ego the comprehensive ego, God, in which our smaller egos contained like pearls in the oceans and the closer he comes to God the more he can understand him and the more he becomes perfected....We are spiritually dead if we do not believe in God and do not think positive for God's all creatures, which is also a message of God for all mankind. Human beings of "DEAD LIVES" world have no sense of feelings, they have eyes but they can't see any thing except of their own desires, they have heart but they can't feel pain of innocent and poor human beings. Human beings of "DEAD LIVES" world feels no one are like them, they are the rulers, may be they are rich, may be they are over confident , may be they have forgot the message of God for love and peace or they are feel proud on their wealth. What is happeining everywhere in the world, the conditions are very depressing, human beings are enemy of human beings, we have forgot God, we have no honesty remains in us, we have become selfish, we only think about our self we can't feel the pain of victims of war, orphan childrens and widows. My art series "DEAD LIVES" is depicting human’s "SELF", if the human have no "SELF" have no truth and the rest of life should be considered as dead. The two different eyes are showing dual human's personality, long necks are showing our selfish attitude and our self made status which breaks equality. Hands are showing mis use of powers and weapons…..