Lyse Marsan

Lyse Marsan

Location: Canada

Lyse Marsan has more than 40 years as a visual artist. She uses symbolism to create dynamic environments where imaginary animals, characters and splatters of every color emerge. She studied in private workshops then public institutions before perfecting her skills in several European countries. France acknowledged her talent by awarding her, in 2000, the gold medal of Mérite et dévouement français au titre des arts. She is also member of many provincial, national and international organizations


Carpe Diem Series

In essence, the series Carpe Diem is intended to be an ode to peace. Whereas man’s inhumanity to man sows but the seeds of death, these bursts of unrestrained colour remind us that the earth is, in itself, the seed of life.

"Le regard des autres"

I’m drawn to colour and I always have been. The marbles and candies of childhood. Mesmerizing. Rows of pastels and jars of paint. Captivating. When I finish with a particular mix I keep it around for some time, refusing to throw it away! It’s all about colour.