Bj Talor

Inside the Artist ~

Each line I draw or paint describes a precious moment in my life as an artist and as a person. The interplay with materials is a visual diary of my life experience and my contemplative journey. Most fascinating are the passages which remain visible and those that disappear through the many forces beyond our control.

My art has been described as inventive, caustic, and provocative. In the quiet pursuit of my exploration of life via art, there are implied answers about the nature of art, the boundaries between life and art, and the necessity of exploring those boundaries. This has allowed me to move from conventional painting methods into experimental materials and a fascination with found objects helps connect me to the world around me and the interactions I experience each day. It is the ‘spirit’ of art that I am more interested in than style. The process itself of drawing, layering, and watching are the moments where I immerse myself in what I am creating. This is what brings me to the joyful, timeless place-free from outcome. It is a challenging, ever present balancing act between quality control, compulsive thoughts, dreaming, construction, movement, fullness and emptiness.

Studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.

Featured Art Work:
National Association of Women’s Artists, NY
*Featured in the NAWA New Artist Gallery Exhibition 2016
*Featured in the NAWA Ev(e)olution VII - ONWARD! exhibition, March 2017
*Featured in the NAWA 128th Annual Members' Exhibition 2017
*Featured in the NAWA Art Angels Exhibition 2017
Blue Moon Gallery, Wilmington, NC
Boundless Gallery
Artworks Fine Art Gallery
Colors of Humanity Art Gallery
Saatchi Art Gallery
International Emerging Artists
Spectrum Miami Art Festival
*Featured in b2zone magazine 2/2017
*Featured in Inspiration Art Book, Vol. 5, 2017
*Featured in Inspiration Art Book, Vol.6, 2018

Memberships: National Association of Women Artists, b2zone magazine, Artavita, Wilmington Art Association, Allied Artist of America, Inc., Artworks Fine Gallery, Saatchi Art Gallery, Colors of Humanity, Blue Moon Gallery, The Artists Network,, Jack Arthur

My published books under pen name of BJ Talor-Longpre are:

Justice Repaid (a crime drama), Voices (a thriller), and Sensual Loving Desires (ebook). Several books are presently in progress.


BJ Talor Art Portfolio

I enjoy working in several mediums depending on the subject matter. All pieces for sale or commission if already sold.

Gilded Birds “Gilded Birds ”

Gilded Birds is a painting in abstract of birds in the clouds of gold. Acrylic and Gold Leaf, 18x24, Created 5/5/2015. $1,450.00

Gilded Violin “Gilded Violin”

Gilded Violin created 5/15/2015 is Acrylic and Gold Leaf size 18x24 on canvas. $1,450.00.

09042015.1 “09042015.1”

This painting is the emotions shared between two souls. Acrylic on canvas board size 11x14. $400.00

Forces of Nature “Forces of Nature”

Forces of Nature is one of the first in a series of abstract expressionism about nature. Acrylic. SOLD

06242014.1 “06242014.1”

This is an abstract painting of emotion created 6/24/14 Acrylic size 24x48. $2,000.00

09272015.1 “09272015.1”

Essence of femininity set in Gold Leaf and Acrylic, 12x16 on canvas board. $1,400.00

Dance in Blue “Dance in Blue”

Dance in Blue is an acrylic on canvas (commissioned piece) which portrays the allure of dance. 11x14 SOLD.

Mono Portrait “Mono Portrait”

Portrait created in mono tones. SOLD

Refreshing “Refreshing”

Acrylic on canvas figure abstract 12x16, $400.00

McLaren F1GT “McLaren F1GT”

McLaren F1GT is a bright orange acrylic and poly 16x20 SOLD

McLaren Blue “McLaren Blue”

McLaren Blue created in acrylic and poly. 16x20 SOLD
Can be commissioned.

Lonely Path “Lonely Path”

Lonely Path created in oil gives a glimpse of peace in nature. 30x40 $3,000.00

Lady and Red 1 “Lady and Red 1”

Lady and Red 1 is an acrylic dance in motion 18x24 SOLD

Lady and Red 3 “Lady and Red 3”

Lady and Red 3 part of a series commissioned. SOLD 18x24

Lady and Red 2 “Lady and Red 2”

Lady and Red 2 series of dance and motion. 30x40 SOLD

06022014.1 “06022014.1”

Art 41, Abstract expressionism. Acrylic 14x18 $400.00

Girl in Sun “Girl in Sun”

Young girl enjoying the sunshine with the rays beaming on her head. SOLD

01252016.1 “01252016.1”

Female painted in acrylic and gold leaf on canvas size 24 x 30. $2,300.00

01022016.1 “01022016.1”

female red, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas size 12 x 12. $900.00

01242016.1 “01242016.1”

Female abstract Acrylic size 11x14. $1,200.00