Zulma Brooks

Born and raised in Harlem, NYC She is currently living in North Carolina, and had been painting on and off for the past 28 years. Currently exhibiting in 2 local art shows.


Afro-dimensionalism (1995 -2005)

Afro Dimensionalism is a cultural reference to the connections and disconnections between Black American history and its African roots expressed through themed mixed media collages on canvas. The visuals are set in images, symbols and abstract designs that represent lost memories, clues to an unknown past floating or frozen in a timeless space.

Afrocentric Mondrian “Afrocentric Mondrian”

The black lines or "roads" represent black people seeking and searching for a way to their roots which are the Kente cloth lined blocks and within each block is a color coated in gold paint representing the richness of that person's heritage and culture. The butterfly Kente piece in the upper right and lower left hand corners represent renewal and hope in finding the answers to questions of time passed. This work, 22" x 30" was created in August of 2005 and is available for purchase.

Silver Lining “Silver Lining”

Silver Lining - What does silver lining mean? A silver lining is a sign of hope or a positive aspect in an otherwise negative situation. The phrase is often seen as part of the proverb Every cloud has a silver lining, meaning that there's hope or something good to be found in every bad situation. As pertaining to Black people and culture. We have endured struggle and hopelessness to forge a way for ourselves in order to discover and create a path towards the light of success in everything we do. Life in the center of this work means that no matter the path we take, there is life and an after life depending on our actions and consequences of them. This work, 25" x 30" Acrylic and fabric on canvas was created in August of 2005. It is available to purchase.

Goodbye Motherland “Goodbye Motherland”

Stepping through the doorway of no return to be trust upon the unforgiving oceans across time and space to land in a strange new world of fear, violence, death, doubt, destruction and hate only to survive as best you can with what you you've got. Your mind and your hands. 11" x 14'', created in October 1996, This piece is available for purchase.

Crown of Glory “Crown of Glory”

32" x 32" inches - Off white and other neutral tones, this piece is a representative of Christ's sacrifice for humanity, a crown of thorns made to mock his claim to be the "King of Kings" is really a crown of physical sacrifice for us all to bridge the gap between humanity and God in faith. I think about what he's brought me through and as a non denominational Christian believer I pay homage to him for my gifts and talents to share with the world. This piece is available for purchase.

God of Vanity, God of Faith “God of Vanity, God of Faith”

in 1999 I created this piece for a local contest back in New York and won first prize for my contribution in my respective division of "Adult mixed media".
This theme represents humanity's greed versus humanity's poverty when it comes to being rich in faith. WE would rather have material things rather than be wealthy in character and morally. This piece is available for purchase.

Black Gold “Black Gold”

The title of this piece is about the enslavement of African people then and now only now the enslavement is poverty and lack of opportunities and community services ( food, clean water, health care and education the most prioritized) and despite it being the 21st century, there are places in the world especially across Africa and America where black people are at the bottom of every social injustice list and it needs to end with respect and equality.