I am a former Arbat artist, and as the fine woman who Most of all in Life Likes to Draw! Loves life and people! … ALL FINE!
By training – the movie cartoonist, worked in studio TPO \\\"Screen\\\" in a television center of Ostankino where have created set of the Soviet animation films touching and philosophical …
Of illustration was fond, a caricature, was engaged in clothes modeling in dancing collectives and theater as architectural forms, i.e. projects of private houses and interiors go right. Last years was engaged in design of interiors and dressing in architectural bureau on service.
Now I work in free flight: I paint portrait, landscapes, I paint on glass, ceramics, wall painting, I create interiors, design of a corporate style, logos, illustrations …
Uniform idea and constancy in subjects of plans it is not provided while, and as personal handwriting of the letter and image. Is always glad to draw for YOU!


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