Nancy-lynn Stoller

Nancy-Lynn Stoller

Location: Canada

A Canadian artist, that paints water colours like they were oils. Very graphic and bright in style and extremely detailed. Not at all like traditional water colour paintings.


The good ol' days

This Canadian artist has a personal passion for using watercolours to bring scenes to life from old black and white photos as her reference. Her artwork, inspired by the 1950’s and that era’s design aesthetic, is a careful yet whimsical realization of strangely familiar architectural scenes.
Stoller combines a fine art graphic style with architectural skills to provide detailed intrinsic rendering in all her works. Painting watercolours as if they were oils, Stoller develops bold, bright and vibrant paintings that are remarkably different and ambitious from traditional watercolours. These very controlled and detailed works can take up to 150 hours to complete a single piece. It is this skill and determination that makes these pieces resonate with vivid clarity.

Nancy-Lynn has a fine art education from universities Ottawa and Western Ontario as well as a degree in Interior and Environmental Design from the University of Los Angeles California.

Circus “Circus”

This painting was inspired by a retail store in Peterborough Ont. 1956. One of the original discount department stores.

Capitol Theater “Capitol Theater”

The original movie: "The thing from another world." 1951 playing at the Toronto Capitol Theater.

Fireman “Fireman”

Inspired by an old town in Twin Peaks California. An abandoned fireman coat and helmet.

Fish market “Fish market”

This 1927 Road side stand from somewhere in Illinois, reminds us of the simple way farmers sold their crops.

Little boy “Little boy”

From New York area early 50's meat market district.

Nerocar “Nerocar”

The original motorcycle that advertised over a 3000 mile journey on one of these from New York to L.A.