William Dunn

William Dunn



William Dunn

“For me, painting is about trying to capture the essence of things. Subjects and scenes alike have an innate mood and character. I want the painting to tell the story more than the surface of the scene exposes – more than the viewer expects. I hope to touch that intangible quality with my painting, if I can. Pursuing that feeling is what keeps it interesting for me - and always coming back for more.”

Max and Irene “Max and Irene”

The hectic pace and array of color in San Francisco's Chinatown always attracts my attention.

Wang Chung Co. “Wang Chung Co.”

The hectic pace and array of color in San Francisco's Chinatown always attracts my attention.

Down Clay Street “Down Clay Street”

This scene is looking down Clay St. in Chinatown in San Francisco from above Stockton Street

Washington Street “Washington Street”

Another favorite subject for me - Chinatown in San Francisco

Rain “Rain”

A study in rainy day reflections.

Evening Rain “Evening Rain”

A rainy evening on the wharf area in San Diego, California.

Tehachapi Ranch “Tehachapi Ranch”

This piece was done from the back of my car, on the property of the owner, on Hwy. 202 in Tehachapi, California.

Wet “Wet”

A rainy day in downtown San Diego, California

The Harp Tuner “The Harp Tuner”

His sensitivity and focus just filled the air.

Red Lanterns “Red Lanterns”

Downtown in San Francisco's Chinatown at Washington Street.

Ameyoko “Ameyoko”

A busy street in the American Section of Tokyo, Japan.
This area was the center of "black market" activity after the war.

Spire “Spire”

This quiet moody scene of the St. Peter and St. Paul Church on
Filbert Street in San Francisco really caught my attention.

Liquor Store “Liquor Store”

This unassuming liquor store on the East Side of
San Jose, California had more charm and character
than I ever would have expected from such a place.

Jackson Street Crowd “Jackson Street Crowd”

it was a busy Saturday afternoon in San Francisco's Chinatown with lots of energy and a typical San Francisco feeling.

La Taqueria “La Taqueria”

This restaurant sits on Mission St. in the Mission District of San Francisco.
Music from South of the border can be heard everywhere.
The smell of freshly cooking Mexican food is in the air.
Lots of people are walking around. The mood is festive and lively.
I like this area a lot and didn't want to leave.

Sunset Cliffs “Sunset Cliffs”

Crashing waves hitting the cliffs in the Sunset Cliffs area near La Jolla, California

Coit Liquors “Coit Liquors”

This is the painting I did while being video-taped by the crew and interviewed by Graeme Stevenson for the Australian TV Show "Colour in Your Life". It's a scene from the North Beach area in San Francisco. I purposely selected a difficult scene so it might appear better on the show.

Dusk “Dusk”

Early evening in the country near Sacramento, California.

Oil Rig “Oil Rig”

Offshore scene on a quiet evening.

Tommy's Marine “Tommy's Marine”

This is a scene from the fishing boats moored in Nolo Harbor near Fort Bragg on the Northern California coast.