Pauline Dutkowski

Pauline Dutkowski

Location: Canada


Contemporary Art in Fibre & Textiles by Pauline McLean Dutkowski

Pauline Dutkowski has created her art in the medium of fibre and textiles since 1972. Her works range from large woven tapestries to small vignettes using natural fibres wherever possible. She has lived on the shores of the Irish Sea as well as the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Pauline is one of ArtTour International Magazine's Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art in 2017 and awarded by ATIM as a Top 60 Master in 2018. She is also an ATIM Artist of the Decade 2020. Her work is part of many public, corporate and private collections around the world.

She is an artist certified by the Museum of the Americas (Miami, U.S.A.) and, since 2007, has participated in many exhibitions with them in Europe, Dubai and the Americas. Her work is also presented in several of their publications.

Some of the exhibition highlights of her career are the Dubai International Art Fair 2021; the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris; National Museum of China, Beijing; The Canadian Embassy, Tokyo; Museo Nacionale de Bellas Artes; Santiago, Chile; the Canada Pavilion, Expo '86, Vancouver and the 1976 Olympic Exhibition of the British Columbia art collection in Montreal, Canada.

One of her most fascinating "adventures in fibre" was creating a sculptural woven tapestry for the Captain's suite of a Canadian naval vessel, which was the command ship of the NATO fleet at the time. Recently, it was decommissioned and now forms an artificial reef off the coast of British Columbia.

Her work was presented in Important World Artists Book 5 published in 2022 by World Wide Art Books.

In 2023, Pauline received the award "International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist ". The awards ceremony was held in the National Museum of Science and Technology - " Leonardo Da Vinci" in Milan, Italy.

"In my work I attempt to capture, in a very small way, some of the incredible beauty and diversity of God's Creation. I delight in the shapes, textures and colours around me in this amazing world, particularly under the sea. I enjoy using various techniques to express my vision of these images. I am grateful for the unique gifts that we all possess from our Maker and desire to use mine to honour Him".


Geode Plus “Geode Plus”

Slice open a rock to reveal secrets within. In 2023, the artwork was published in Contemporary Celebrity Masters (Italy) Volume 2. Materials: silk, wool, cotton & glass beads. Dimensions: 24x24x1 inches

Continuum “Continuum”

Continuum is a three dimensional piece with woven and stuffed tubes of wool on a cotton base. It was originally created in 1985 but was refreshed and renewed in 2017. Presented in the ATIM book Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art in 2017. Dimensions: 30x42x4 inches.

Lost in the Crowd “Lost in the Crowd”

This "fibrescape" represents some of the sea life on the North West Pacific Coast. The base is linen with wool and cotton "critters" - and coin. Dimensions 20x30x.5 inches.

Lichen, Rocks & Reeds “Lichen, Rocks & Reeds”

Inspired by the rain forests of the B.C. coast. Wool & cotton on a faux suede base. 24x24x.5 inches.

Early One Morning “Early One Morning”

This piece represents a view of islands off our Pacific Northwest coast. It is created using silk and wool with various threads. Dimensions are 30x42 inches.

Flame “Flame”

FLAME has appeared in many publications internationally. It has also been presented in several exhibitions. Materials: Wool with metallic threads on a background of faux suede. 24x24x1 inches.

Impossible? “Impossible?”

How can it be? Such a large "flower" on such a flimsy stem, all of it in a tiny pot! Materials: Wool with glass beads on a faux suede background. Dimensions: 11x14x1 inches.

Playtime “Playtime”

The inspiration for Playtime began in an aquarium in England decades ago. After living on the coast of British Columbia for many years the activity of the seals and sealions provided much entertainment. The dimensions of this fibrescape are 24x36x1 inches. The materials used are wool, silk and cotton. The piece received a certificate of excellence from Artavita in 2020.

Remember “Remember”

This piece is a "vignette" created in silk, wool and cotton. The dimensions are 12x12x2 inches

Seascape “Seascape”

A "vignette" of some life under the cold sea. 12x12x2 inches. Wool, cotton and silk.

Bird's Eye View “Bird's Eye View”

"Bird's Eye View" represents a winding western Pacific coastline seen from above The dimensions are 20x24x.5 inches. It is felted and created in one solid piece. The materials used are hand dyed wool fleece on wool Melton cloth on a faux suede base.

Collage “Collage”

This image is a combination of sections of several woven tapestries & fibrescapes to form a "Collage". Materials used are wool, silk, linen with other natural fibres.