Lenore Diamond Robins

I am a South Florida based artist who creates vibrant, contemporary, 3D Geometric Abstractions on wood, using acrylic paints and a hand mixed, hand poured and blow-torched resin finish. When completed, my art appears to be made of glass, rather than wood. My art has been described as “Pop Art that really pops!”

I have developed my art over the past 30 years. I turned to wood when I realized how paint colors pop on wood. I now work in several different design styles: Geometrics, Black and White, Puzzles, Flowers, Fish and Just Having Fun. All are created using geometric shapes as a basis and the same creative technique.

My art must be seen in the original to be fully appreciated. On the homepage of my website is a brief, introductory video to provide a better understanding of my art. The first section is a quick overview, and the balance, an in-depth perspective. Each design style has its own gallery page with an extensive portfolio of images.

My art is designed to be hung without commercial framing. Frames are internally incorporated into the art. No additional framing needs to be purchased.

My art has been purchased by collectors from many countries around the world. My website has a complete listing of client countries and current galleries in the US where my art is represented.

If you are looking for something unique for that special place in your home or office, you have arrived at the right artist!

Thank you for your time viewing my art.



Geometric Abstractions and Puzzles

I create unique, vibrant, contemporary and three dimensional wall art on wood using acrylic paints and a final finish hand mixed, hand poured and blow-torched resin. The completed pieces appear to be made of glass, rather than wood. My art has been described as “Pop Art that really pops!”

An extensive portfolio of my artworks is available on my website: www.LenoreDiamondRobins.com

Power of One Variation #1 “Power of One Variation #1”

40” by 40” Acrylics and Resin on Wood
The foreground tiles are mounted above the background panel with a loan, red tile drawing the viewer’s attention.

Inversion Diptych “Inversion Diptych”

Overall 48” by 48”
Acrylics and Resin on Wood
Two 48” by 24” panels make up this distinctive artwork. The vertical and horizontal lines are made of wood lengths that are about 3/4” deep and the angled switch from black to white, coupled with the light bending characteristic of the resin, makes this a very visually distinctive work of art.

Exuberance “Exuberance ”

“Exuberance” is a six panel assemblage, measuring a total of 6 feet by 6 feet.
Acrylics and Resin on Wood.
The largest circles are painted on the background and the smaller circles are discs mounted above the background.

Art Show Display “Art Show Display”

This photo is of my display at an international show. It provides better perspective of two of the artworks shown individually here on Artavita, as well as presenting several other examples of my art.

Color Burst “Color Burst”

36” by 32”
Acrylics and Resin on Wood
The colored triangles are about 1/4 inches deep and mounted on a color splattered, graphite grey background. It can be hung either horizontally or vertically.

Bubbling Over “Bubbling Over”

Each panel measures 30” by 36”, plus the “floating” discs above. The full width of the art when hung depends upon the size of the angle between the panels.
Acrylics and Resin on Wood and Ultra-lite MDF.
The colored circles within each panel are sunken into the art at about a one inch depth. The additional discs have “bubbled over” and float above the art.