Sue Skitt

Sue Skitt BA (Hons) Fine Art for Design.
Supporting Statement.

The work aims to juxtapose the fresh beauty of new life with the decaying beauty of a passing life through a series of painterly photographic still life sets, fruit, meat and food; objects are a vital feature and inspiration to the work. I see them as vessels of sentiment.

The painterly photographic still life swims in and out of beauty and repulsion to create unease with in the viewer.

I want to involve the viewer directly in the work seducing them initially then repelling them slightly.

The work draws from various philosophical strands associated with Vanitas art.
It uses classical themes and symbolic objects from the fast repertoire, developed by the vanitas masters of the Baroque period.

In order to fully appreciate a vanitas painting each iconic element has to be carefully examined and various potential symbolic meaning must be propererly ascertained with in the broader content of the piece as well as in relation to the surrounding elements

Sue Skitt
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