Irene Nolan

I am an artist using bright acrylic paints on canvas.
They are of surreal figurative images, from memories of life long stories, and fantasy picture thoughts at the time of painting.
I am an international artist and my art works have sold all over the world, my works are unique and not repeated in the world.
You are buying a piece of my life, I sat and thought about the images for these paintings, dug deep into my lives thoughts and set to creating them on canvases.
The paints flowed into the images I wanted to convey on to canvas and I am very pleased with the outcome.
More images on my website,
if you have the time its worth a viewing.
contact me if interested in owning any of my paintings.



This is Moses with his people crossing the red sea, comes from childhood stories of the bible teachings.
All paintings are £175 each,

Gabriel's horn “Gabriel's horn”

This is Gabriel's horn comes from childhood storie teachings.

Jesus “Jesus”

Jesus from the stories in the bible teachings.

My Sibling and Me “My Sibling and Me”

My Sibling and Me painting of mother nature and her child.

Princess of the deep “Princess of the deep”

Princess of the deep a painting of a mermaid and her fish friends.