Medge Jaspan

Medge is a Positive Psychology Practitioner, Life Transition Coach, and Abstract Artist.
She graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s in Psychology. Medge believes it’s all about bringing more authenticity and happiness into life.
Three words express the essence of my work: light, energy, and colors.

I am an abstract artist. Twenty-five years ago, after a near-death experience and four months in bed, I began to paint. After discovering this beautiful talent, I took art classes with art historian and painter Dr. Martha Gyllenhaal and learned from the impressionist artist from Cannes, Laurence Uteschill.

My art is full of colors and positive energy. When you will look at my painting, be attentive to the message that it brings you.
I love traveling, cooking, learning, meeting new people. I breathe positivity and live my life by the principles of Positive Psychology. In other words, "I Live to Love and Love to Live!" Finally, I use my art to motivate, inspire, and encourage people in their daily life to "Embrace and Enjoy their intrinsic Uniqueness."



This painting expresses gratitude for nature and our beautiful planet Earth.

Gratitude “Gratitude”

This painting express my gratitude for nature and our beautiful planet Earth.
Acrylic on Canvas

Urla Horizon “Urla Horizon”

A small village on the Mediterranean Sea where the horizon is alive and pure.

Flow “Flow”

Have you ever experienced flow ? This amazing feeling of plenitude and freedom ! Check Flow
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi...

16x20 Acrylic on Canvas

Passionnement Votre “Passionnement Votre”

Close your eyes and feel your inner passion! This is how I describe my own burning passion, a real firework of joy!

Acrylic on Canvas 16X20

Caribbean Escape “Caribbean Escape”

Sun and sea to boost your mood! This painting will make you smile.
Acrylic on Canvas 16X20

Stained Glass “Stained Glass”

Transparency in blue and clear.

Acrylic on Canvas

Azale “Azale”

Like flowers these colors are dancing in the wind.

Venezia Time “Venezia Time”

Carnival in Venezia is bringing laughters and joy. This painting is expressing this energy of fun!
Acrylic on Canvas

Automne Bleue “Automne Bleue”

Fall in bleu!
Acrylic on Canvas.

Love Underneath “Love Underneath”

Look from within! Love is really inside and we forget it! Most of the time we look for love outside and are miserable. This painting reminds us that underneath Love is there. Acrylic on canvas with multiple red for passion, light and gold for the treasure inside.... which is love. Enjoy and let me know how your feel.

Acrylic on Canvas

Cannes in May “Cannes in May”

Have you been in the South of France? In May, Cannes in is specatcular! This painting invits you to travel in the excitation and glamour of Cannes in May. Feel it, embrace the light, and enjoy