Dieter Kederst

Dieter Kederst

Location: Austria

Born 1941, craftsman apholsterer and decorator, Study Interieur design and furniture construktion in Vienna. Skatches and wathercolours as artists since 1995. As artistic painter since 1995 in own studio. Many exhibitions in Austria and abroad, both professionally and privately.


Dieter Kederst

"Organic" 2010 100X80 cm Öil on Cotton abstract

Organisch “Organisch”

Abstrakt; 2010; 100x80 cm Ölfarbe auf Cotton

Organisch - anorganisch “Organisch - anorganisch”

2014; 80x100 cm Ölfarbe/Cotton abstrakt

Blauer Einfluss “Blauer Einfluss”

2010; 90x70 cm Acrylfarbe/cotton abstrakt