Daniela Rita Davidov

Born in Argentina, Artist, Visual Arts and Interdisciplinary Arts Educator, Expressive Arts Group Coordiantor, Writer, Entrepeneur, Designer, Photographer


Healing my Past with Colors

These 4 series are images with symbolic content of my childhood fears, shame and other issues, despicted with humor and bright and happy colors. They are all of them healing images, portrayed with humor.
They are meant to raise awareness and educate parents about certain behaviors that can scar their children.

"Se me rompio mi muneca" “"Se me rompio mi muneca"”

The doll is not enjoying the game: the doll is broken, the wrist is broken, the dolls needs more care

Icy Monster “Icy Monster”

the doll is scared by the icy monster, who seems to lack empathy and warmth. The icy monster enjoys scaring the doll.

Peek a Boo Monster “Peek a Boo Monster”

Privacy is important at any age. Adults need to respect children's intimacy.

Hard to give, hard to get “Hard to give, hard to get”

the doll is having a hard time getting the dollar, chances are she might become greedy.

Colorful Abstracts

Emotional and colorful abstracts on unconventional materials

Pillar of Joy “Pillar of Joy”

Abstract composition of joyful colors and flowers on an unconventional material , 16"x 58" height

Hurricane Dorian “Hurricane Dorian”

Emotional piece, sadness, my daughter going to university, leaving an empty nest, this happens during Hurricane Dorian.