Richard Wynne

Richard Wynne is an artist who has lived and painted in many Countries for over thirty years. He has shown in Asia, the Middle East, as well as the USA,. Richard returned so his Autistic son could receive Special Education not available in Thailand. Rhys is now a student in two schools and training for a career as a “Story board Writer. Rhys is also an award winning painter and ceramic artist.
The Artist lectured and taught art in Thailand. Has had exhibitions in the Middle and Far East, Europe, and the USA. He has collectors of his work in many Countries. And is a recipient of the “Golden Bear Award” from the State Of California.
While the artist did study Art, he is basically self trained. He feels this is an advantage as it eliminates barriers created by art mill educators. He considers himself an “outsider”.
Richard uses colors, textures, and different mediums to convey moods.
Mr Wynne is the proud parent of Rhys Wynne who is “Special”. Health problems have forced to reduce production and spend most of his time with Rhys preparing for the future.


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