Kaltrina Hoti

The Kaltrina Hoti canvases are a sort of purgatory. They are burned by artists ' attempts to allow any external challenge or inner impulse to give an opportunity. Give the opportunity to indicate a clearer presence. This is how the scenes of fire and water, flashes and darkness, screams and silence, life and death alternate. They even immerse themselves in a whirl wave of passion. One another is the food, one is the other reason-for obsession, the aspiring of how to travel and moving from its likeness to return back.. In the rounded tunnels, the light is always looming. A circle of gold. Cyclical, full of good and bad moments, changing the unbreakable which respond to the same and the only name-life. On the canvas or some other material of the stretched lines, they explain the variety of nature variations: green and youthful, living fragrant resin in honor of idyll, which really happens in life cycles. Vertical dreams that crave uvis.ne make it easier to accomplish, forcing a single-colored surface of exclusivity. Invaluable fidelity to color. The hour is blue, the hour is red and the most often green and brown. The flames of the same color are of patience, self-confidence and impassibility. Persistent color palette burns with enthusiasm and eternal optimism. In abstraction, which indicates the characters, there is a lot of cyclic interweaving and permeation. On all the faces, there is an imprint of the thought, inscripted Karma, stretchy precisely bated coordinates of the potentials. Her work carries in her wisdom whose messages they swear on the symbiosis and harmony of all that life brings. The basics of her entire opus in art is one great and unstoppable passion for life and beauty.


The truth inside the colors

Follow the sune “Follow the sune ”

the power of woman is in her faith and hope for life.

Karrige e kuqe “Karrige e kuqe ”

expressing the way we lose the truth in word for wrong reasons

Act  I “Act I ”

Been judged thru different times ,makes her mystery of beauty

Under the chain “Under the chain”

There is part of pain that I carry thru my life for my people.

Dying  to live “Dying to live ”

Your heritage will always follow you even when you don't know .....

Loving love “Loving love ”

The true color of life its's only when we love......