Mishel. Schwartz

mishel. schwartz

Location: Canada

"I make art because the desire flows through me, the entire process from conception to realization inspires and ignites me. Sharing the beauty I see around me rather than the darkness that can consume so easily."

Mishel Schwartz is a Toronto, Ontario based abstract artist, known for creating pieces with captivating colours, rich, complex detail and multi-textured elements. Through her work she strives to find balance between the need for control and the desire for freedom.
Her primary inspiration comes from the organic world and the undeniable lure of nature. Using the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, she alludes to the sights, smells and shapes of all living things in the abstract, enabling the viewer to interpret its form and meaning.
Through what she calls ‘the mysterious fluidity of alcohol ink, she has uncovered a gorgeous malleability that allows her to delve deeply and add complexity to each element. Through experimentation she has developed a layering and carving technique that has become her signature in every piece.
Mishel spends endless hours in her studio painting, working on commissioned pieces and art exhibit entries. She has participated in several exhibitions around the world as well as collaborating on various projects:
-The Other Art Fair, Group Exhibition- Chicago, October 2018.
-RAW Artists ORG- www.rawartists.org/mishelschwartzraw - Group Exhibition-Toronto, Ontario- March 8, 2019.
-Member of Foundwork Art Community for artists.
-Gallery 104, Soho, NY - Group Exhibition-August, 2018.
- New licensor with icanvas.com-https://www.icanvas.com › Artists
-Featured Artist-https://www.artsyshark.com/2019/01/10/featured-artist-mishel-schwartz/
-Chosen for artist representation- Art Shopping- Carrousel du Louvre, Paris exhibition- October, 2019.
-Represented by NY Gallery, New york, 2019.
-Exhibited @ The Freedom Factory Gallery- V@M Exhibition- Toronto, 2019.

Mishel is always working on new pieces. Her current work can be seen on her website, www.mishelschwartzart.com, where you can also find details about upcoming exhibitions.


Alcohol ink Painting

12 x 12"
Alcohol ink on cradleboard

The Colour of Spring “The Colour of Spring”

12 x 12"
Alcohol ink on cradleboard

Breaking Out “Breaking Out”

16 x 16"
Alcohol ink on cradleboard

Nature's Lace “Nature's Lace”

23.25 x 25.25"
Alcohol ink on Yupo paper

Softness In The Soul “Softness In The Soul ”

17 x 17"
Alcohol ink on Yupo paper

From The Ashes “From The Ashes”

Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper

Earth's Intelligence “Earth's Intelligence”

Alcohol Ink on cradleboard