Luiz Todeschi

Luiz Todeschi

Location: Brazil

Brazilian photographer Luiz Todeschi regards light as energy in motion and a process of eternal transformation. As the common ground of everything in nature, the unifying force of light is the subject of Todeschi’s photographs. The artist reveres nature and spends a great deal of time outdoors seeking out subjects to photograph. In dealing with color tones, abstractions and geometric compositions, he aspires to achieve original results. Images such as “Blue Morning Series 1” or “Kanaro- Arara Canidé” convey Todeschi’s great sensitivity to the play of light and energy of color.

Todeschi’s approach to photography is influenced by his studies in philosophy. He values the Inca and Lakota ethics of respect for nature and honoring relationships with all living things. Todeschi views art as an inherently political medium. Acutely aware of the plight of the indigenous people in his country, he believes in his mission to resuscitate the notion of peace through his photography. The artist exhibits widely. His work is held in private collections throughout the world.

Next Exhibition: 6 june, NY - Agora Gallery



Flame Violet of Transmutation

Within his relationship with photography and his poetic and personal trajectory over five years, his work has made him review, understand and identify a series of processes and narratives where images and light appear to him as if he were in a another dimension.
In the series "Violet", with works in dominance of lights in this color, which represents the pure and invisible energy, it is part of this Universe and seeks to make explicit the connection that exists between the concept of his work and the spiritual, through a profusion of images .
According to the Gnostic and esoteric vision, the Violet Flame is one of the greatest gifts that God has bestowed upon mankind, in order to accelerate the process of ascension and karmic cleansing of Humanity and Earth. This light presents itself from the sun to the record in our image on the surface of a stone to honor Luiz's first visit to the capital Luz - Paris! The images were made in the Brazilian territory in this year 2019.

About this Narrative: Violet Flame of Transmutation - by Ricardo Esteves and Anna Priscila Marques

The Ressonance Of the Ant

All beings in this world are important. All lives. All expressions of the realms of creation. The ant fell from the tree and created harmonic resonance. Following the photos we can imagine what happened in the ant's mind during the fall. The main picture of this narrative symbolizes an ant's struggle for survival. The resonance message is the phenomenon that happens when a physical system receives energy through excitations of frequency equal to one of its natural frequencies of vibration. Thus, the physical system starts to vibrate with increasing amplitudes. Watch the light! Would it be like a stone thrown into a lake creating the ripple effect?

Abourtion Of Soul

The Soul does not end. It transforms. Sublima. Energy in motion. Abortion of the Soul talks about the power of intention. Endless energy.

The Ether “The Ether”

the metaphysical milieu where the narrative was formed

The soul “The soul”

all energy, thought, life, fluidity. All that is manifest. "The soul"