Teresa Bass

Teresa Bass believes 'God created so many people for us to all meet'. Her journey began in 1960 in a tumultuous home in Detroit... and by 1974 she left home. In 1977, having no life-skills, she ventured out to discover all that the world had to offer. A true free spirit…she is fearless with a vivacious personality…and a love for all people. In 1978 she hitchhiked across America and ultimately landed on the streets of New Orleans in 1979. Her brief career in film took her to Los Angeles in 1984 and then off to London, England for 7 years, where she had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe. There she successfully curated a photographic exhibition, worked in film, and sold the concept of alternative 'customer service' through presentation boxes to the high-end British retail outlets and was privileged to enjoy a lengthy and special relationship with Ava Gardner, also Godmother to her son. Teresa credits her skills and knowledge to the vast majority of people that God placed in her path, the myriad of positions she has held from sales, film, photography, management, and Director of Development for a non-profit entity. She attributes much of her acquired expertise and accomplishments to her marriages with a computer analyst, a commercial photographer, an Italian, and her late best friend, a brilliant visionary. Her travels have given her access to some of the most famous, as well as the recent up and coming artists around the world. Teresa does not see people of color rather she sees the vibrant beauty in all colors, which is prevalent in all her work. She now enjoys creating and living near the beach in Bay St. Louis close enough to New Orleans and her twin daughter and first grandson and a appreciates the close yet long-distance relationship with her son who resides in the South of France.



The world is such discord today. If we can change our views and appreciate the beauty in all colors, shapes, sizes, and mediums perhaps we can find serenity, harmony, and artistry within us all...and, though... transformative art.

Jewel “Jewel ”

The glow and serenity of this piece is amazing. 26" x 24" Kodak metallic print under .08" acrylic glass with a slimline frame, ready to hang. 1/100 $1,090 plus S&H available smaller as well

Bouquet of Color “Bouquet of Color”

The 3-dimensional effect of this piece is definitely breathtaking and sure to be conversational piece in your home or office, 24" x 36" clear semi-gloss metal print with aluminum float backing is ready to hang. Limited edition 2/100 $1.050 plus S&H

Arizona Love “Arizona Love ”

Spread the love with this unique piece. 10" x 15" available up to 32" x 48" ready to hang on this clear gloss metal print. Price starting at $125