Romi Maegli


Location: Guatemala

Romi Maegli
Born in Guatemala on December 6, 1974.
Italian nationality.

I graduated in fine arts and graphic design from the Louisiana State University in 1988, the same year where I began my career working on my knowledge about the design for showcases and other advertising works. This is how I start to build my profile as an artist and market where I work every day to improve myself.

Art has been present in every stage of my life and I have been able to develop it in each of my works and hobbies over the last thirty years, expanding my knowledge with masters and business diploma and leadership in prestigious American universities.

My love for horses has inspired many of my works, with which I began in the technique of painting and photography by being invited to exhibit my works in groups in 2009 at the Santo Tomas de Aquino School in Antigua Guatemala, 2014 in Poderosas at the Museum of Modern Art, 2016 at Tránsfugas at Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua Guatemala and at 2016 with Woods Studio.

In 2016 I am invited to paint a 180 meters long mural for the National Association of Equestrian Sports in Guatemala called "A Todo Galope", which inspires my artistic evolution and takes me from painting and photography to the mixture and intervention of the same. "Fragments of a dream" of the year 2016 was my first collection exhibited at the Ixchel Museum in Guatemala City. It is a collection of works full of color and positive feelings that are part of Guatemalan street art. These pieces are lens of life and dreams, with magical touches which together tell the story that makes each person feel and were inspired in the making of my mural.

"Sentir de Piel" from the year 2017, exhibited in the Guatemala Gallery of Fundación G & T Continental is a work that opens the senses of the viewer, and transports it to a subtle universe, full of textures, shapes and patterns, pieces that together pay homage to the communication that goes beyond the skin. The collection is a set of textures, which when joining each one of the parts reveal the origin of my inspiration, what in this case was my connection with the majestic horses.

"Tranquil Agitation" of the year 2017 and was exhibited at Galerie Am Park in the city of Vienna, Austria. They are a set of work that communicates the relationship between man and his animal, presents a sensitive dialogue where all the senses are connected with the essence through love that becomes art and this art leaves the conventional thread through a third dimension. This small collection includes work where a 3D format is used.

"El Núcleo" of the year 2018 is a trip to the center of the spirit, a collection fills shapes and textures with small notes of colors that seek to give a new life to inanimate structures. And with this suggest a journey towards the search of our interior. My vision as an artist is evolutionary, my inspiration is nourished by feelings and places. I am a woman who is not afraid of change and that is reflected in each of my collections.



Sharing some of mine equine artworks in ARTAVITA is a proposal to make us aware of how much a horse allows us to understand our perceptions about our minds, emotions and goals. Centuries before my first relationships with horses, there were already well-known personalities who understood the importance of knowing our horses thoroughly and watching over them in order to deepen our care and harmony with nature and our world, to live free and in solidarity. My close relationship with my horses through all my life, made posible my understanding of their connection with each human. That is the reason they provide the opportunity to recognize our potential. So this artworks offer a route to recognize the wisdom that accompanies our relationship with the fascinating animals they are.


BRAIDED HORSE HAIR, mixed media, 42 inches x 16 inches, 2017

The equine hair is strong, it is beautiful and when braided to avoid its entanglement, it obeys an algorithm procedure or formula for solving a problem, based on conducting a sequence of specified actions to protect dynamics in the same way we should mentally braid our positive thoughts to obtain a beautiful vital result.


RIDING NATURE'S SKIN, mixed media on textile, 46 x 30 inches,2018

Climb onto one horse and go on an unforgettable horse ride in the untouched nature in the countryside. Horse riding is a great way to get in contact with nature. Horseback riding is in itself therapeutic and when you ride in the beautiful nature of our planet, you will be blown away by the whole experience.This artwork provides the planet look into the skin of a horse.


WHIRLPOOL OF MY MARE , mixed media, 46x30 inches 2018.

A muscle shrinks if its not stressed & challenged regularly. Our brains deteriorate when we refrain from solving mental challenges. Our mind whirlpools like the whirlpools in the skin of my mare, that are symbols of adventure representing our capacity to ride our goals in our life whirlpool.


SKIN OF DUALITY, mixed media on textile, 46 x 30 inches. 2018.

Duality teaches us to use the equine energetic side of their bodies as a symbol to function better in this world. It leads us to greater health, increasing our spiritual skills, higher levels of awareness and the ability to function more efficiently in our lives.