My interest in art began as a young man, when I spent a year in Alaska. I studied Native American forms, materials, and carving methods.

Then, life took a different turn and for the next fifteen years I lived and worked in Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean, sailing vessels. I became a pilot.

When I returned to the States, I began making art again. I started experimenting with Northern Inuit methods, carving in stone and wood. I made jewelry, sculptures and kayaks, adapting ancient methods with modern techniques. Since 1999 I have returned to Alaska several times, renewing my passion for the art forms and style.

I began carving antlers and soon moved on to fossilized Alaskan ivory. In my early work in jewelry, I was influenced by Northwest design, but soon I developed my own style, designing and creating necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Every piece is entirely handmade using fossil ivory, silver or gold, employing meticulous workmanship in each one of my original designs.

I do also do drawings, as you can see from my profile here.



Endangered Species

These are drawing done in colored pencil of the endangered species, specifically within the central and south African Regions. These pieces are especially poignant in the context of global warming, and habitat destruction for animals and humans alike.

Baboon “Baboon”

Created in New York, New York

Giraffe “Giraffe”

Created in New York, New York