Guenter Knop

Günter Knop - Biography
Günter Knop began a career in photography, working with fashion photographer Charlotte March in Germany, following his studies at the Christian-Albrecht University.Knop later worked side by side with Henry Wolf, influential Art Director for Esquire and Harper's Bazaar magazines in New York for many years. Together they created trend-setting TV, print and fashion advertising for major clients. Knop eventually opened a studio of his own in New York.
His work has been featured internationally in a variety of magazines, books, group and solo exhibitions. In 2005 he released his book Guenter Knop on Women, which features his trademark black and white nudes.

Born in Bremen | Lives in New York
1979 Christian-Albrecht University
1981 Charlotte March
1982 Henry Wolf

Einzelausstellungen | Solo Exhibitions
532 Thomas Jaeckel Gallery NY till 12.23.2010
The Rover Soho, New York, 2010
Kultur Forum Historisches U, Pasewalk, 2009
Galeria 13 Muz, Stettin, Stettin, 2009
Knop Studio Real Women, New York 2006
The Old Print Shop, New York, 2006
Semper Opera, Dresden, 2005
Knop Studio, Paris Mon Amour, New York, 2005
Photogallery Vierrademühle, Neubrandenburg, 2004
The Old Print Shop, New York, 2004
Knop Studio, New York, 2003
Galerie Ephemere, Paris, 2002
Sugar Hill Bistro, New York, 2002
Cultural Center Koethen, 2002
Kito Art Center, Bremen, 2001
Haus Hunenburg, Achim/Bremen, 2001
The Old Print Shop, New York, 2001
Bremer Presseclub, Bremen, 2000
The Schmeide Art Center, Hamburg/Buchholz, 1999
Haase, New York, 1998
Haase, New York, 1997
Knop Studio, New York, 1997
Screen Actor’s Guild, New York, 1996

Gruppenausstellungen | Group Shows (Selected)
Reference Gallery, New York, 2008
Holsteinhaus in Schwerin, 2002
The Old Print Shop Group show, New York, 2002
Bridgehampton Cultural Center, 1999
Museum of Sex, New York, 1999
Cultural Center Gallery, South Hampton, 1998

Veroffentlichungen | Publications
The Best of International Nudes Photography, 2009
The Mini Nude Bible, 2009
Nude Magazine, 2009
Nude Magazine, 2008
Best of International Nudes, Feierabend Unique Books, Germany, 2009
View Magazin, Stern Publishing, Germany, 2008
Nudes Indexxi II, Feierabend Verlag, Germany, 2008
The Nude Bible II, Tectum Publishers 2008
Playboy Germany, July 2008
The Nude Bible, Tectum Publishers, 2007
Nudes Indexxi, Feierabend Verlag, Germany, 2006
Dresdner Opera Magazine, December 2005
Playboy Germany, December 2005
Guenter Knop on Women, Steffen Verlag, Germany, 2005
Naked, Feierabend Verlag, Germany, 2004
Indexi, Feierabend Verlag, Germany, 2002
Nudes Index, Koenemann Verlag, Cologne, 1999
Das Magazin, Germany, 1994
Idea Magazine, Japan, 1992


Guenter's Art

Günter Knop - Artist Statement

Inspiration for my photographs comes through observations of life and light. Although I experiment with photographic themes, my focus is the translation of the nude of everyday women into timeless pieces of art. I work with 35mm film because of its textural quality and endless possibilities for exploration. The majority of my work is created in the studio where I can control light, which my favorite tool. Light is a silent language that creates visual depth and directs the viewer to specific points of focus.

My set design is influenced by communication with my subject and as a result the characterization of each subject varies from shoot to shoot. I photograph only non-models because they possess a more fluid self-expression. Some artists draw on the repetition of themes, but I tend to portray each woman in a different way than the one before. I find my challenge in the variation of the approach and in the need to capture the moment in just one roll of film.

Cubism “Cubism”

Cubism in one shot. A guess how cubism was discovered.

The call for freedom “The call for freedom”

The shadow the way it appears reminded me of the painting of Edvard Munch.

Dictatorship “Dictatorship ”

Religion and woman.

Conformity. “Conformity.”

Fitting into society.

Bench puzzle. “Bench puzzle.”

Round and round it goes. Where it ends nobody knows.

Sculpture 2 “Sculpture 2”

A balanced body form always intrigued me.